Health Coaching for Midlife Women

Midlife is an exciting and vital time in a woman’s life. It presents challenges to your sense of identity, purpose, and wellbeing as well as opportunities to redefine yourself. It brings on its share of losses but equally its chances for growth.

Midlife health coaching offers you the opportunity to collaborate with an experienced professional in creating a personal health plan tailored to your unique life experiences and needs. It is structured to facilitate clarity through a process of inquiry and self-discovery. It will empower you to reach for your highest desired level of health and restore a sense of balance in your life by:

Your health is vital to everything you do. If you would like to begin the process of taking a more active role in setting goals and making decisions about your health, you are invited to contact Wendy Mitchell for a 15-minute consultation at no charge.

Midlife health coaching complements the care you are receiving from your health care provider and is not intended to replace appropriate medical advice.