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Health coaching is done over the phone or in person within an agreed upon time frame. You are not obligated to any long-term commitment. You sign up for a package of three sessions with the option of renewing this contract as often as you like. You can reschedule appointments by telephoning at least 24 hours in advance.

The fee for the three sessions is $200. Full payment is due in advance of the first session. Each session lasts for one hour.

The initial session will focus on identifying your needs and developing a personal health plan. In the two follow-up sessions we will explore any obstacles to your plan and pinpoint specific strategies to help you take optimal action for your health.

Contact Wendy Mitchell at (503) 226-9063 to schedule your initial free consultation and leave a good time to call you back.

What Past Clients Say:
Wendy has been a strong arm and level head as I have navigated challenges and changes in my life. She has a remarkable ability to bring clarity through pointed questions and observations. Her method is tool driven, often sending me off with exercises in observation or techniques to navigate difficult communications. Her insight and guidance has propelled me forward professionally and personally, as a mother, a spouse and as a empathetic person trying to move through the world. She is a gift and I am so grateful!